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Tired of having to rely on an expensive patchwork of semi-solutions? Our flexible framework let’s you pick & choose from a selection of mouth-watering modules to suit your every need.
Get ready to enjoy simple, flexible and reliable solutions for your business.

Icon for Everything Invoices

Everything Invoices

Invoices need to be accurate, self-explanatory and easy to set up. The invoicing module aggregates all customer and partner charges into a predefined format and layout, making it seamless for you to deliver it to your customers.

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Icon for Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management

Our CRM module integrates easily, is friendly to use and will help you gain deeper insight into your customer behaviour. Your customer care department will be able to see the customer usage behaviour and suggest offers based on the information they glean from the CRM.

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Icon for Mediation made easy

Mediation made easy

Our mediation module collects any form of data from any number of sources in any format, and re-formats, re-maps and applies rules and logic to it to your exact specifications. The interface is friendly and versatile and gives you control of your data.

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Icon for Billing & Rating wizard

Billing & Rating wizard

Our billing and rating wizard can be set up for any service, it is scalable and highly flexible. It provides real-time billing of all telco services along with the easy and intuitive creation of rating and billing procedures for new services.

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Icon for Point of Sales Solution

Point of Sales Solution

Provides all the POS functionality you can wish for. All you need is a tablet or a phone with an Internet connection and you’re set to go! Sturdy, complete and quick to set up, use and operate. Save time and money on personnel training.

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Icon for Intelligent Network

Intelligent Network

Providing you with real-time control of your network while offering the services and capabilities you need to make real-time telephony a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

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Icon for Resource Management

Resource Management

Vouchers are a powerfully tricky business and a lot like printing money. This tool circumvents fraudulent activities and demystifies your voucher batch life cycle.

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Icon for Self Care Unit

Self Care Unit

Cut down on service cost while providing a 24/7 service channel for your customers. This easy-to- use feature-packed webportal is the high point of self-reliance. Providing excellent customer care has never been so profitable!

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Icon for Order Management Module

Order Management Module

Integrates easily into your current system and lets you manage the fulfilment processes without the need for customization. Capture any demand from a wide range of sources including EDI, XML, telesales and web storefronts.

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Icon for Mobile Money made easy

Mobile Money made easy

Become your subscribers’ mobile wallet and banker. The Mobile Money solution facilitates payment or banking processes over a mobile network in real-time, supports complex revenue sharing schemes and an exhaustive set of easy to use tools for your subscribers.

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Icon for Payment Gateway Accounts Receivable

Payment Gateway Accounts Receivable

Created with security in mind, designed to be the payment service provider. All payment methods are accepted. Dashboards and reports provide an instant snapshot of the customer’s financial situation.

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Icon for SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Customers can enjoy full-scale interactions because of the optimal SMPP converter, converting HTTP to SMPP or SMPP to HTTP an on-the-fly, giving almost limitless freedom in designing how you and your customers interact with your SMS Gateway.

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Icon for Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Unravel customer loyalty and know exactly when to tease a churner into a new deal by reacting to online trigger events real time. Reaching the right person, at the right time with the right message.

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