BD Innovations raises $21.5m and merges with floLIVE

BD Innovations is delighted to announce a merger with IoT Connectivity Management Platform leader, floLive. This partnership will allow existing BD Innovations customers to benefit from advanced Connectivity Management capabilities of IoT devices in the cloud.

“Customers will remember that in 2018, we took on a strategic investment of $2 million. This was specifically earmarked internally for expanding into IoT Connectivity opportunities. This announcement is the fulfilment of that promise, an exciting achievement in our journey to provide more for our customers.”
Daniel Goldberg, co-CEO and co-Founder of BD Innovations

Alongside this merger, BD Innovations announced a $21.5m fundraising round, led by 83North, and which included notable Venture Capitals Dell Technologies Capital, Saban Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures LLC. These funds will be used to increase the organization’s presence in Europe, Asia and North America and to speed up its market awareness programs.

This announcement is a game-changer for BD Innovations’ existing customers and a future-focused call to action for the industry at large.

The benefits

  • An enhanced solution: Not only will customers continue to benefit from industry-leading Business Software Solutions, they can now leverage enhanced connectivity and device management, anywhere in the world.
  • A one stop shop: BD Innovations is now better positioned to serve its customers with a whole stack through the entire supply chain – from Core Network up to Device Management solutions. This means no reliance on third party vendors or suppliers.
  • Opportunities for customization: Owning the full solution stack means that BD Innovations can offer cheaper, stronger and more transparent offerings to its customers, including providing niche solutions where necessary to enterprise businesses.


BD Innovations will use this merger to enhance Marketing, R&D and Sales capabilities with growth in North America and Asia, as well as continued expansion in EMEA. The companies’ current offices will stay the same, with Headquarters in the UK and the main development center in Israel.

“As a combined brand, BD Innovations and floLIVE will be stronger, feature-rich, and more effective than either could achieve alone, BD Innovations now has enhanced capabilities as well as access to new markets that can support us in catering to the roadmaps of our customers. IoT is the future, and we’re ready to support customers in their journey.”
Boris Shagalov, co-CEO and co-Founder of BD Innovations


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