Case Study of a Banking MVNO

Mobile Banking Services = Banking + Mobile Communications

Providing mobile banking services allows banks to significantly enhance the convenience, flexibility, accessibility, and affordability of their banking services.

Money has been moving to the digital ecosystem for the last 25 years, with the arrival of internet banking, banking applications, and even digital money. Banks need to create a digital and mobile extension to their existing service model, making sure it is still secure and provides reliable access to the mobile channel.

The Case of Equitel- Founded by Equity Bank Groups

The Equity Bank Groups is a rapidly growing Pan-African banking group. A social and economic brand, it has scaled up by providing financial services to the masses through a diversified distribution of its products and services.

The Group’s strategic initiatives are geared towards enhanced access, convenience and affordability of financial services achieving an impressive growth momentum.

Equitel provides Equity bank with another opportunity to offer inclusive, innovative, customer-focused financial services. The platform will make banking services more accessible, flexible, convenient and more affordable. Equitel enables the Equity Bank to boost financial inclusion and overcome the limitations of set banking opening times and static branch locations.

Equitel’s mobile money platform eliminates the need for mobile applications to access internet banking because even a simple feature phone will work similarly to a sophisticated smartphone. Equitel is a mass market offering and so brings internet banking to the masses. It enables all customers to access their bank accounts 24/7 conveniently.

Equitel was the first platform in Kenya and Africa to offer a full banking suite without building a new mobile infrastructure. It is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The service combines mobile, banking and telecommunications.

Other topics discussed in this case study:

  • What is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)?
  • Why should banks embrace the MVNO opportunity?
  • 10 Good reasons why banks should go mobile
  • Some Stats of MVNO’s Globally
  • MVNO Market Presence
  • Mobile Banking MVNO Options Available for Banks
  • Types of MVNOs
  • The MVNO Mobile Banking Business Model
  • How to create an MVNO Mobile Banking Service



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