Don’t leave expensive network equipment behind

Mismanaging peripheral equipment costs you a lot of money

Every communication network has holes; customers will always complain about connectivity and coverage. This is why service providers around the world must deploy communication and peripheral equipment at their customers’ locations. Every year, service providers lose significant amounts of money due to their difficulty in managing and monitoring this equipment.Expensive equipment is lost or cannot be retrieved. Deploying this equipment becomes a bottomless pit of expenses.

Basic billing systems are not the solution

The source of the problem is that service providers must monitor the status and location of this equipment. In addition, they must manage install, repair and retrieval using the correct business support system. Basic billing systems were created to monitor and rate service usage. Basic billing systems are entirely blind to external network equipment that is being installed at a remote customer location. In many situations, service providers would try to expand a basic billing system to cover features it was not designed to cover. This patchwork approach often results in poor performance, while only partially solving equipment management issues. A dedicated business support system, suitable to this task, is needed.

Proper resource management contributes significantly to your bottom line

Proper resource management is required to prevent costly waste of peripheral equipment. A well-developed resource management system will be able to:

  • Record date, time, exact location for all installs
  • monitor equipment status
  • administrate check up dates and expiration dates
  • manage the retrieval of equipment

This way, expensive resources do not go to waste. However, in many traditional systems, these features are buried under an overly burdened expensive solution that includes many redundant features modern operators and service providers just don’t need.

The Resource Management module from BD Innovations is a flexible resource management tool that provides all the features needed to properly manage peripheral equipment. it can be quickly installed and configured without need for costly integration. it is an affordable, practical solution designed to give your company an edge in this competitive mercurial business.

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