Flo.live – A Case Study

Case Study: Secure, Cloud-Based IoT Connectivity Platform

Flo Live is a provider of end-to-end IoT solutions and operates core networks in the cloud optimized for IoT. Their current offering includes device management, applications, and analytics. Flo.Live work closely with MNO’s, MVNO’s, OEM’s and chipset manufacturers to pave the way to accelerated IoT revenue growth. Flo Live are present in London, Paris, Limassol, Hyderabad, Tel Aviv, and California.

FloLive wanted to offer MNOs and MVNOs a complete, cloud-based IoT eco-system that includes a core network with integrated device management, Inventory and Billing services – enabling customers to manage their devices using the Mobile Device Platform. They wanted to provide the flexibility of choosing between various mobile network profiles building MNO partnerships around the world and to create the infrastructure to provide unique for IoT global communications.

The Challenge

In the IoT marketplace, because of commercial needs and the need to switch networks, managing the connectivity of devices requires full control of the device connectivity lifecycle all this while maintaining security integrity. To add to this, managing the IMSI is complex and devices don’t become operational immediately and then they lose connectivity.

When attempting to continuously connect various “things” globally security becomes of utmost concern. Vulnerabilities are in each step of the way -from the field-level, via Secure SIM technology, throughout the data network layer (GGSNs, PGWs) up to the application and presentation layer, information needs to be protected. The entire IoT chain must be and sealed within the IoT solution.


Our solution had to focus on:

  • Global Connectivity was a MUST
  • Simplifying Connectivity with IMSI as-a-Service
  • Multi-tier IoT billing
  • Remote Provisioning
  • Identity Management
  • Inherent Security


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