Going Green with Motorola Solutions

Motorola and BD Innovations team up

Dedicated to designing and delivering technologies to improve public safety, Motorola Solutions and BD Innovations joined forces to change the driving habits of a nation. Their current offering includes mission-critical services, software, video and analytics, backed by secure, resilient land mobile radio communications. This technology provides their enterprise and public safety customers with reliable communication ensuring public safety and advancements within communities.


Changing driving habits using positive reinforcement thanks to new technological possibilities

Through this initiative, Motorola Solutions and BD Innovations wanted to encourage commuters to use their car less and seek other means of travel from carpooling to public transport. Innovative software and analytics were used to monitor how often participants used their cars, the routes taken, the number of passengers per journey and the times traveled. Banking solutions, specifically designed for this project, enabled the Public Roads Authority, Ayalon to offer monetary rewards for drivers who successfully made positive changes. Reduced vehicle usage allowed those involved to have a significant impact on their own carbon footprint, leading a ‘greener’, more environmentally sustainable day to day life.

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