Are You Being Held Hostage by Your Business Software Provider?

Check your symptoms

If you score positive on three of the five symptoms you may consider yourself a hostage.

Symptom 1: Small changes, Big costs

Adding a field to an existing entity, Connecting a new data source or just about any functional change will result in a lengthy impact assessment with a price-tag that makes you think twice about changing anything.

Symptom 2: Turn around time is measured in weeks or months, not days or hours

Flexibility and time to market is a big factor for any IT dependent business. Staying ahead of your competitors is paramount when customer loyalty is fleeting. If your IT provider makes you feel like you forgot to hoist your anchor it may be time to cut loose.

Symptom 3: Integration Hell

Legacy systems are notoriously risky when integrating them with today’s industry standard IT. Does every connection you want to make turn into a complex integration with unknowable risks? It’s a clear sign of how your Business Software has turned into patchwork over time.

Symptom 4: Performance is holding you back

Remember that Windows PC that just wouldn’t hurry up? Can’t install anything for fear of a Blue Screen? If you Business software is anything like the early versions of Windows you’ll notice the same fear in the faces of your users. A patchwork of ad hoc updates and addons make your software unpredictable or even unstable. Get out now!

Symptom 5: Paying development costs

The world has moved on from ‘build our own custom software’ to ‘find the right platform’. Are you still paying development costs for functionality that modern platforms are providing out-of-the-box? If the answer to that last question is a yes, you are only a couple of decisions away from being in a much better place.


Are you tied up with expensive BSS that forces complex integration and proprietary software on your business? Legacy systems keeping you captive, unable to beat the risks of changing requirements?

Consider us your saviors- with zero integration and open source software as our weapons of choice. Let us break you out of this joint, with a free SOS assessment that could be your Get Out of Jail free card. You’ll have no long-term contracts, simple scalable solutions that allow you to Pay-as-you-Grow, and a modular solution that suits your exact needs.


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