Stop selling sim cards. Start selling solutions.

Provide your clients with a next generation M2M platform that enables you to manage, monitor and monetize anything with a MAC address.

Effortlessly launch M2M offers for vertical industries

IoT providers and operators can now confidently offer managed connectivity and monetization of network based services to almost any business vertical. Utilities, logistics, healthcare, security, banking and finance, automotive and transport are just some of the industries benefiting greatly from M2M technologies.

Better Control

Easily manage your policies and actions to react to real-time network events and complex insights granting your platform far-reaching autonomy and giving you time to focus on what's important.

Empower clients

Empowering Clients

Our multi-tenant, multi-hierarchy architecture enables your clients to rate and bill any part of their network usage or processes in order to create innovative revenue models and new revenue streams.

Flexible and Manageable

M2M operators get access to an array of easy-to-use management tools and reporting capabilities. In addition, our solution connects easily to legacy equipment and software so that you can move forward without additional investment.

Network Integration

Our end-to-end solution can be fully integrated within your existing infrastructure. It accommodates all types of network connectivity, including USSD (SS7), SMS and Web gateways - all in real time.

business owner

What makes a modern satisfied M2M provider?

Extensive reporting. Offers extensive reporting to facilitate the creation of new billing strategies based on meaningful reports.

Business dashboard. Easily build and customize dashboards to deliver the most relevant insights and events in real time. This way you can respond to emerging issues and situations as they arise.

Become a real time operator. Charge in real time to instantly gain all costs and usage data for all your partners and customers. Benefit from the built-in resource and SIM management functionality in order to manage SIM cards in bulk mode.

Actionable intelligence. Automatically initiate any action or business decision based on real time insights and a wide variety of trigger types.

Manage your customers. Use the CRM module to manage relations and build personalized, flexible offers and tariffs. Combine service bundles, add services or reconfigure your assets without affecting the system core.



What makes a modern satisfied M2M operator?

Versatile reporting. Our easy-to-use reporting provides actionable intelligence and offers meaningful insights. Reporting goes far beyond standard slicing and dicing of data, and enables you to examine your data from a variety of perspectives.

Do It Yourself. Easily configure your system with predefined policies and rules or make your own using our easy configurators/wizards.

Self-management. Clients expect the ability to control and manage their own assets and services in their own customizable portal.

Independent. An agnostic architecture lets your clients execute M2M strategies independent of platform type and technologies.

Pelephone IOT Case study

Pelephone IOT – A Case Study

The Challenge to Manage and Control Remote Sites
Managing operations and costs of remote sites have long been a challenge for communication service providers, and after strict regulation, wireless communications service providers were required to share sites between them.  In the past, each service provider built its sites independently. However, for the past 20 years, communication providers are required to share locations and share the expenses of keeping them up.

As a result of site sharing, a new problem was created. How does each service provider get charged and pay only for its equipment cost? The bills for electricity, generator fuel, air conditioning, and all other systems were sent to the site owner that had no ability to split the costs between the Service Providers equipment’s consumption

Read the full Pelephone IOT case study

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