Growing your Enterprise to New Heights with Codeless Development

Growing your Enterprise to New Heights with Codeless Development

Today’s business and technological world moves faster than ever before. The pace of change is staggering, and many companies are falling by the wayside in their struggle to keep up with the competition. In this reality, time to market for any new product, as well as turnaround time for new features and changes is essential.

While most people would agree with this, many enterprises still struggle to speed up their time to market. This is often due to the expense of hiring teams of developers, or the inability to find talented people who have availability and know-how. If you have developers that you trust, you need to fit into their pipelines, which can mean extending delivery times by as much as months while you wait for a specialist to become available or fit in your task.

A Better Way to Do Business

The idea of low-code/no-code development is exactly what it sounds like; a way to write code and produce logic flows, without the need for coding expertise or background, enabling anyone in the business to automate tasks to optimize workflows or speed up the release of new products or services.

Level the Playing Field

One of the most exciting elements of using a codeless solution is the way it enables any stakeholder in the business to get involved with making changes, developing new features or speeding up time to market. Using our intuitive user interface, you can express the logic you want your application to execute while maintaining basic programming constructs such as loops, objects, and variables. You can even pull in functionality from third-party applications. All parts of the business can be equally involved in feature updates and changes, without a technical gap dividing them from R&D.

This also makes for more accurate feature updates, with quick time to value. While historically a business analyst or an expert in the subject matter would need to give over their idea to developers, draw up requirements and monitor the project at various stages – this cuts out the middleman. Even without any technical knowledge, the analysts and experts can have an active role in building out their vision and seeing it come into fruition. Nothing gets lost in translation, and you minimize the back and forth throughout the release cycle.

This is what is known as ‘citizen development.’ Forbes comments that this type of innovation allows anyone in the company to “create robust applications in a safe, scalable environment that has all of the tooling and procedures to ensure appropriate security, testing and sign-off as part of a Digital Transformation program. To cite Gartner, “Citizen development is fundamental to digital transformation.”

Use Automation to Speed up the Delivery Cycle

This graphical way of building code allows your business to focus on exactly what it needs from a new release, and put it together, literally piece by piece. Using Service Independent Building blocks, (SIBs) you can automate anything from a simple task such as sending an SMS message on a certain date, to complicated integrations with your billing system, CRM or lifecycle policies. Trigger policies will allow you to build ‘multi-scripts’ where you can manage complex interactions with your users, all without the need for human interaction or manual support.

Think about the cost savings to your business of any stakeholder being able to take responsibility for creating a new feature or service model from end to end, from strategy and ideation, all the way through to build and deployment. Maintenance costs are almost non-existent, as automation policies handle the scripts using logical conditions that need to be met while the scripts run in the background. These scripts can then be toggled on and off with a simple Active, or Inactive button.

Making it Easy

Not all tools for low-code/no-code development are created equally, so it’s important to make sure that your business onboards a solution that has the right integration opportunities for your existing customer needs. In general, the more robust the scripting library, the better, with more options for integrations and rich building blocks to choose from. Why be tied into a solution that only allows for SMS messaging for example, when you could automate email communication or other third-party messaging tools as well? Look for options that are customizable, allowing your stakeholders to create building blocks from scratch where they have bespoke needs.

Make sure you have thought about how you’re going to monitor and manage your scripts moving forward, as this can quickly get complicated, and you’ll want easy access if something doesn’t seem right. The best tools include the ability to trace scripts, with historical data kept in a database than can be accessed by date and time for granular detail and quick insight in case it’s needed.
Codeless Development Canvas

The Logic Environment Module for BD Innovations’ Mission Control

Our new Logic Environment module is designed specifically to enable Digital Service Providers with zero-touch introduction of new services and network capabilities. Quickly and intuitively automate tasks that your service requires, no matter your role in the enterprise. Combining automated and manual tasks, and integrating with the Apache Kafka service as well as third-party applications, it has extremely powerful integrative abilities for your business.

Our robust scripting library is built for your industry, filled with industry standard SIBs to save you time and let you connect easily to your existing infrastructure. All the building blocks you need are accounted for, created from the start with Telco, IoT and Utility Providers in mind. This enables us to provide a niche solution that results in quicker and smarter value than the generic competition.

With BD Innovation, no task is too complex, providing much quicker time to market, a reduction in maintenance and development costs, and a way to empower your staff to see their ideas through to action with digital transformation.


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