Mobile Money in West Africa – A Case Study

The Mobile Money Solution in West Africa

The word was out on the street, everyone was talking about it, the main rival had just launched their Mobile Money platform.

The challenge was to provide a full-feature, flexible, mobile money platform for a leading operator in West Africa, and have it up and running in 6 months!

This leading operator could not afford to let their main competitor be the only mobile money provider in the country. They had to launch a full-featured platform as soon as humanly possible.

Why Were Mobile Money Services So Much in Focus in Western Africa?

Mobile money provides banking services to people who have no access to banks. Customers had little or no access to traditional banking services. However, millions of people use mobile phones daily and creating a bank account based on their mobile account is the perfect solution for them. The exceptional proliferation of mobile phones created the access needed to banking solutions – the mobile phone access. In addition, credit card penetration was very low and mobile money solutions simply replace the service of credit cards because mobile phones are much more accessible to customers, and constantly in their hands and part of their lives.

Mobile Money Project Key Success Factors

  • Time to Market Launch – less than 6 months
  • Integration with existing service provider IT platforms
  • Support for the field distribution channel
  • Web management tools and USSD access
  • Complete management of mobile money from USSD interface
  • Enhanced reporting
  • No compromise – a full feature mobile banking solution
After getting the opportunity from this operator we deployed a complete end-to-end mobile money platform that performs all required cash-in and cash-out capabilities.



The platform included flexible commissioning to accommodate multi-level participants in the process of mobile banking. The dealer management applications are accessed by web for computers and smartphones and at the same time by USSD for the very common feature phones. As expected in 4G networks, the platform included an easy to use self-care application available again both via a web interface or using USSD.

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