Forget cash, forget cards. All you need is your phone!

BD innovations’ Mobile Money not only lets you make payments and purchases without carrying cash or cards – it provides everything you need to actually be a banker yourself.

Cash is dead, welcome to the future.

Subscribers in emerging economies are skipping traditional banking and moving on to a much more flexible way of banking. Mobile Money gives MVNO’s and Money Transfer Operators an opportunity to generate extra revenue whilst providing an essential service.

Safety & Security

Your money will be safe and secure in your account even if you happen to lose your phone. We’ll also keep you safe by ensuring you won’t need to carry cash or cards around anymore.

Network Integration

Our end-to-end solution can be fully integrated within your existing infrastructure. They accommodate all types of network connectivity, including USSD (SS7), SMS and Web gateways - all in real time.

Flexible & Manageable

Money dealers get access to an array of easy-to-use management tools, as well as comprehensive reporting capabilities. In addition, our solutions incorporate a Self-Care portal for mobile money dealers.


A multi-tenant, multi-currency, multi-hierarchy architecture promotes cross-selling between mobile money and mobile services and let’s merchants set up their own hierarchical structure with ease.

What makes a modern satisfied customer?

Ease of use. Pay utility and telco bills or transfer money via various channels from any device using an intuitive interface that simply works.

Transparency. A customer must be able to check their balance anytime and in real-time. In addition, we log all transactions and create custom reports on-the-fly to give the customer or merchant a complete overview.

Versatility. To be able to transfer money to anyone who has a phone number.

Promotions. Receiving personalized offers from a stores and businesses you already visit is an easy win-win when done right.

What makes a modern satisfied mobile money operator?

Banking Services. Merchants provide a payment channel for customers, similar to an ATM service. In addition to providing cash on demand, dealers must be able to provide top-up mechanisms that enable a customer to easily top-up his/her mobile money account.

Hierarchy Management. Money dealers want access to a Self-Care portal from which they can easily manage their food chain.

Reporting. Access to extensive reporting capabilities, which is essential for tracking requests. Dealers must be able to view all financial information in a way that is relevant to their business.

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