Pelephone IOT — A Case Study

IoT System for Monitoring and Control of Remote Sites
for Communication Service Providers

The Challenge to Manage and Control Remote Sites

Managing operations and costs of remote sites have long been a challenge for communication service providers, and after strict regulation, wireless communications service providers were required to share sites between them.  In the past, each service provider built its sites independently. However, for the past 20 years, communication providers are required to share locations and share the expenses of keeping them up.

As a result of site sharing, a new problem was created. How does each service provider get charged and pay only for its equipment cost? The bills for electricity, generator fuel, air conditioning, and all other systems were sent to the site owner that had no ability to split the costs between the Service Providers equipment’s consumption

Pelephone decided to install Smart Meters that will monitor the consumption of communication equipment on shared locations. The meters collected the electricity consumption and reported the aggregated kWh consumed by each service provider’s equipment on the site. Pelephone created invoices for each service provider sharing the site. Since the electric company was billing one big aggregated bill, this capability provided electricity reconciliation between service providers sharing the remote site. Saving weeks of arguments and discrepancies on thousands of sites!


The BD Innovations Solutions Used by Pelephone for the remote site electricity monitoring and control

As a result of the success of the electricity consumption remote monitoring and control solution, Pelephone decided to expand the remote monitoring and control of additional  IoT systems in the communications sites.

PelephoneThe Evolution of the Remote Site Management Solution

The solution was installed by Pelephone on all their communication sites facilitating for 24/7 monitoring and management of all critical equipment at the site.  Monitoring temperature, malfunctions, energy, and any other process on the site, has saved Pelephone millions of dollars by providing state-of-the-art, reduction in maintenance and repair costs and a significant decrease in operations personnel.