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Our aim is to make you feel as if we are a scalable part of your company. You deserve a service partner that feels right at home in your organization, understands what needs to be done and does it with a minimum of fuss.

Our professional services are tested and proved methods for dealing with anything you may run into on your way to Telco success.


Billing & Intelligent Network Services

IT System Audit

Does your IT environment sometimes feel like a makeshift tangle and a liability? Our audit will give you a clear picture of your current status, possible risks and advised fixes.

IT Training

Invest in your employees with our targeted IT training programs. Our professionals will hone the skills and raise the knowledge level of your most valuable resource posthaste.

Performance Improvement

Having to wait on your IT is not only frustrating, but also expensive. We specialize in ironing out time wasters so your clients and employees can enjoy a smooth experience.

Revenue Assurance

Revenue leakages reach up to 3% in intricate billing systems. Are you calculating? We’ll plug any holes in your processing, rating and billing systems before you can say ‘three percent!?’.

IT Systems Transformation

Implementing big changes to your IT can be daunting to the bravest of hearts. It’s a good thing you can rely on our extensive experience to help you brave this storm.

Fraud Management

Telecom fraud is widespread and responsible for a loss of $40 billion every year. Detecting and preventing existing and new forms of fraud is a battle that we can help you win.

BSS Managed Services

For those who wish to focus on business instead of IT we offer managed services for your whole IT environment. Ease-of- mind guaranteed against a very competitive rate

Database & Migration Services

Database Maintenance

Don’t let your database be a liability. With our maintenance and back-up procedures we’ll make sure your data is safe, secure and has the space to grow when it has to.

Migration Design & Planning

We know how critical data is to your organization. We offer ridiculously meticulous planning of data migrations so you know exactly what to expect before moving a single byte.

Database Optimization

Is your database slowing you down? Why don’t you let us pop the hood. We’ll find and fix the bottlenecks, optimize your data and have it in ship shape before you can say ‘Query’!

Extracting, Transforming & Loading

Extracting and loading data is child’s play. Reformatting it to a unified format and mapping it to a new structure efficiently is where we save you time and money.

Database Development

A secure, reliable and futureproof setup for your data? Look no further. We’ll design, install and populate your database in a jiffy no matter what type or on what Operating System.

Verification & Comparison

Our modern version of a head count. Seeing how completely we rely on accurate data, we have made it our mission to produce fail-safe data verification processes.

Custom Software Development

Software Integration

Custom API’s, protocol to protocol converters or complete software integration. We’re sure to get every part of your set-up to work together seamlessly and flawlessly.

Software Development

From mapping out requirement right up to testing, utilization and optimization. If you save us a seat at the drawing board we promise you a smooth ride all the way.

Web Interface Development

Does your system talk ‘human’? It certainly wil when we equip it with a user-friendly web interface that blends in with your brand and works in any browser on any device.

IT Systems Transformation

Implementing big changes to your IT can be daunting to the bravest of hearts. It’s a good thing you can rely on our extensive experience to help you brave this storm .

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