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We offer a complete BSS solution designed to handle everything a demanding multi-play telco operator might need. Our platform is the no-brainer choice for providers of Internet, Mobile, Fixed-line and Television services or any combination of these.




An easy way forward for emerging markets

Multi-play providers in Africa, South America and APAC are often plagued by high costs and fragmented systems that require a lot of upkeep. These integration nightmares are a thing of the past with our zero-integration policy whilst our modular cloud-based solution lets you invest with precision.

Fast Time to Value

Our solutions are easy to learn, easy to implement and easy to integrate, thus ensuring fast time to market and a quick recoup on your investment.

Low cost

BD Innovations provides an affordable full and scalable BSS platform with the option to pay-as-you-grow on a per customer basis.

Future Proof

Our platform provides optimal vertical scalability and architecture flexible enough to deal with any new technology, protocol or business process.

Multi everything

We like to call it our multi-tenant, online, offline, prepaid, postpaid, multi-channel, multi-payment, multi-hierarchy, multi-network BSS platform.

What makes a modern satisfied customer?

Perfectly connected. Your clients pay to be connected. Our solution is designed to provide superb stability and efficiency in demanding environments.

Self reliance. Access to a intuitive Self-Care portal that lets clients organize any aspect of their multi-play subscriptions, wallets and much more.

Controlling costs. Providing clear information and alerts for usage and costs is a key factor in clients’ perception of your services and their spending patterns.

Appropriate offerings. Receiving tailor-made promotions at the exact right time will make your clients feel appreciated and will also up their spending.

What makes a modern satisfied telco company?

Accountability. No more need to play the blame game. We provide a single point for accountability and are always available and ready.

Commercial flexibility. We offer pay-as-you-grow, transaction-based and fixed price models.

True Convergence. You want a single solution that supports all your business, marketing and brand requirements. No exceptions.

Service is king. Every customer contact is an opportunity. We offer a 360° CRM view of each customer that is fully integrated and fully interactive with a Self-Care portal that solves and sells at the same time.

Flexible accurate billing. A reliable billing system that is easy for the company’s staff to use and works in real time is crucial for preventing and securing revenue.

Flexible Business process management. Create multiple tariffs, flexible invoice runs, automated campaigns, new revenue models and more.

Business-needs elasticity. Our SaaS solutions lets you quickly plan scaling to handle increased or decreased demands for business functions.

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