The Case Study for a Solution Platform for Utility Providers for Integrators

The Platform for Integrators of Services for Utility Services Providers

Beeper Communications (Israel) provides emergency communication and critical messaging services for security, military and homeland defense organizations.

Beeper specializes in solutions for remote M2M (Machine to Machine) monitoring and control for applications such as automatic meter reading, and mini-SCADA applications for water, electricity, and others. M2M wireless solutions use wireless modems to communicate via cellular or an IP data link. A web-based application provides “anywhere to anywhere” data transfer and user access.

Beeper, who is a leading integrator for utility provider management solutions was aware that the investments for their very strategic customer – the Israel Electric company were over $300K and that the clock was ticking. 24 months had elapsed into the project, and the required platform was not live yet

BD Innovations supplies the systems and solutions required to complete this project. Because disappointing the IEC and not providing a solution was not an option, Beeper selected BD-Innovations to partner with for a reliable, fast, cost-effective solution that can save them and provide the solution.

After joining forces, it was just a matter of weeks until the IEC saw that the BD-Innovations platform covers the RFP and much more!


The IEC Challenge

Electricity usage monitoring and alerting processes were seen by the company as a complete failure. Even billing for electricity usage had faults and inaccuracies (their main line of business). The IEC commissioned a highly complex RFP process and had chosen its IT software vendors carefully – among them Beeper;

The Basic Challenge – Monitoring service delivery levels

The electricity monitoring and alerts processes needed revamping. Electricity billing had to be cured of faults and inaccuracies.

The Solution Required by Beeper for IEC

A short meeting was setup between Beeper and BD-Innovations to align expectation and clarify requirements.  Beeper who tried to meet the RFP requirements for the last 24 months, new exactly what was missing from other solutions, they knew exactly what to look for.  BD-Innovations had the answers to all the questions raised in the meeting. It was a true win-win situation!

  1. The new system had to be customized to match the customer’s processes and logic. They had legacy systems and sophisticated methods that could not be changed at that time.
  2. The solution needed to include electricity meter reading with smart end unit management and monitoring
  3. The same platform had to work with various devices including old legacy meters, new smart readers, M2M device management solutions, the CRM and billing systems.
  4. beeper expected to implement different business cases on the same platform implemented for the project.
  5. The solution needed to have multi-tenant features to enable the beeper to onboard many customers who will manage their M2M and utility operation.
  6. The new system had to integrate over 30 different end units with proprietary protocols.

The Solution Supplied – A Perfect Fit!

  1. A customized system to match the IEC’s processes and logic. Full customization to the required Utility provider.
  2. Electricity meter reading with end unit management and monitoring. Including remote reading of Electricity Meters
  3. Data collection from electricity meters every 15 minutes
  4. Complete rating and billing that creates an invoice including “Time of Day” rating
  5. Implementation of a comprehensive platform that monitors all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) infrastructure remote sites
  6. Ongoing firmware and software of meter upgrades
  7. Comprehensive reporting
  8. A Platform to be used for all devices including legacy meters, new smart readers, M2M device management, CRM, and
  9. Multi-tenancy to enable the IEC to onboard many customers at the same time.
  10. Complete integration with over 30 end units that had proprietary protocols.

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