The technology stack that will keep you in the game

Looking for a Modern Business Services Solution?

We’re obsessed with providing the most future-focused technology stack for business success. So let’s break down the building blocks that create growth and agility.


Docker and Kubernetes


Traditional Development Processes are Slowing You Down

IT-dependency and development bottlenecks are the enemy of an agile working process, slowing down projects that cross multiple teams, (so, all of them?) and making even the slightest change or update cause disruption and downtime. If you’ve heard of containers and microservices, but you’re not sure how this infrastructure could practically make a difference – you’re in for a treat.


Intelligent Building Block Design

Not much of a developer? Don’t worry, we don’t hold it against you. Our low/no-code development works like building blocks, with everything built API-first, and modularity our number one concern. If you’d love to use words like “portable”, “scalable” “automated” and “always available” about your tech stack, this white paper is a great place to start.