Whitepaper – Transforming Economies with 5G Value-added Services

Our Whitepaper is a celebration of the power of this brand-new technology, and the way it’s going to change how we think about and use connectivity. Here’s a sneak preview –  5 highlights from our whitepaper!


100 times the speed and 1,000 times the capacity of existing networks

5G isn’t a better 4G, in fact, it’s not a new version of anything at all. It’s a technology in and of itself, one that can connect machines, objects and devices. Larger channels speed up data usage, lower latency improves performance and allows for better response times, and sheer scale means that millions of devices can be connected for the first time. (Hello Massive IoT, we’ve been waiting for you.)

Leveling the playing field in healthcare

Seeing a doctor no longer has to mean sitting in a waiting room glancing suspiciously at any visitor with a cough who sits too close. Remote patient monitoring is about to be thrown wide open, with stakeholders already offering urinalysis, blood pressure checks, remote consultation, vital signs monitoring and more. As other industries start connecting, we’ll see joint use cases, such as Automotive opening the door for smart ambulances, or Pharma revolutionizing the vaccine cold chain.

Augmented reality takes center stage

We could all do with a return to leisure, but 5G will be anything but ‘back to normal’. We’re already seeing awesome use cases such as overlaid AR for sports games and live entertainment. In the NFL for example, the Dallas Cowboys are offering an in-stadium experience for 5G users, where additional content and statistics on the players can be viewed during the match, adding to the in-play experience. We’re Eagles fans, but that’s still cool.

Getting predictive

According to the latest research, more than 60% of 5G use cases have predictive intelligence involved. You don’t need to be a fortune teller to see that trend and pay attention. Manufacturing is the obvious winner here, allowing for better worker safety and reducing the impact of maintenance on business continuity, but it isn’t the only industry under the spotlight. Automotive, Retail, Aerospace and Defense, and many more could all do with a crystal ball that streamlines operations and upkeep behind the scenes.

Say cheese and reduce fraud

Imagine if your body could be its own password? We’re already well on the way, with biometric scanning of fingerprints, retinas, expressions, gestures and more. 5G allows devices to automatically share that data with connected services, allowing you to pay by voice, fingertip, and face. This spells excitement for any business looking to offer seamless shopping experiences, better security, and reduced fraud, to name just a handful of benefits.