Mission Control. Next Generation BSS for telco and utilities.

Mission Control is a comprehensive, zero-integration Business Support System that includes all the software you need to stay on top of user needs and ahead of the competition.

Whatever your ambitions. We’ve got you covered!

Tired of having to rely on an expensive patchwork of semi-solutions? Our flexible framework lets you pick & choose from a selection of mouth-watering modules to suit your every need.
Get ready to enjoy simple, flexible and reliable solutions for your business.


Changing requirements? Not a problem when you can choose the exact modules you need right now. This also takes the sting out of replacing legacy systems by reducing risks and lowering the initial investment.


We plan for success. This means you won’t outgrow your software solution as it will scale with you vertically and horizontally without redesign or downtime.


We always aim to work smarter, not harder. Our extremely competitive rates reflect this. In addition we’ll always give you the choice of pay-as-you-grow, transaction-based and fixed price models.

An easy way forward for any telco operator

Are your legacy systems and a limited ability to invest holding back your growth?

Multi-play providers in Africa, South America and APAC are often plagued with high costs and fragmented systems that require a lot of upkeep. These integration nightmares are a thing of the past with our zero-integration solution whilst our modular cloud-based solution lets you invest with precision.

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Bringing high-tech telco solutions to the utilities market

Our comprehensive solutions guide utilities services into the new high-tech era - of real-time, automated, complex billing and CRM.

Utility companies in Africa, South America and APAC are on the verge of an exciting new frontier, but often old meters, legacy IT and fraud are holding back progress. Our solutions can blend in with your existing system to modernize it without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

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Effortlessly launch M2M offers for vertical industries

Provide your clients with a next generation M2M platform that enables you to manage, monitor and monetize anything with a MAC address.

IoT providers and operators can now confidently offer managed connectivity and monetization of network based services to almost any business vertical. Utilities, logistics, healthcare, security, banking and finance, automotive and transport are just some of the industries benefiting greatly from M2M technologies.

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Cash is dead, Mobile Money is the future of banking

Mobile Money does not only let you make payments and purchases without having to carry cash or cards. Our solution gives your customers an opportunity to be the banker.

Subscribers in emerging economies are skipping traditional banking and moving on to a much more flexible way of banking. Mobile Money gives MVNOs and Money Transfer Operators an opportunity to generate extra revenue whilst providing an essential service.

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