Transform customer complaints into profit opportunities

Stay on top of your product’s life-cycle

Waiting for your devices and equipment to break down costs more in the long run. It is much better to preemptively and proactively service your devices and equipment. You can arrange proactive service calls in a more convenient manner because you are servicing a device that works, so both you and your customers would have more flexibility when arranging the call. Instead of being frustrated because their devices don’t work, your customers feel appreciated by your excellent level of service. Mission Control BSS includes policies and lifecycle modules that support proactive management of equipment and service calls.


Your technical personnel can become your greatest ambassadors

Your technical personnel and service people meet your customers all day, every day. They are a trusted source of technical information, and they meet your customers in their homes. All these conditions are ideally conductive in turning your technical personnel into a new and trusted channel that transforms service calls into sales pitches.

Successfully transforming service calls into profit opportunities requires supporting business service software. You don’t want to create pitfalls for your service people. Disappointing sales pitches will sour your customers and harm your brand. Mission Control BSS has the tools to seamlessly connect your service calls to customer information that supports successful sales pitches. The mobile app turns your service people’s mobile device into an extension of your office, giving them all the tools they need to complete the sale.


Mission Control BSS creates new opportunities for profit

Mission Control BSS is a business services software solution from BD Innovations. Its robust modular design enables it to grow with your business and add new services and profit channels when your business needs them, and not before. It has smart automatic processes that can manage proactive service calls that increase product life span and reduce costs. It can easily link together a CRM and service calls systems with online product catalogs and point of sale needs like billing and invoicing. Mission Control empowers your technical and service personnel with everything they need to transform customer facetime into profit opportunities.


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