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Your invoicing is too slow and too costly

Service providers have improved many areas of their business, like customer support, pricing, and sales. However, the approach of many service providers to their invoicing service is as something forced and technical. In many places, invoicing is still done by outdated and outmoded procedures, that increase costs and reduce efficiency.

Old fashioned invoicing

Traditional invoicing services are not suited for the flexible and multi-tiered services of today. For example, many services require you to send two invoices for the billing period to the same customer, because their system does not support multiple layouts, and does not know how to bill a single customer for two different services.

This deficiency extends to other areas as well. Traditional invoicing systems find it difficult to calculate multi-leveled corporate discounts. Tailoring a particular service deal and pricing agreement for different customers is crucial for many modern service providers; in many cases, this requires manual processing, since the invoicing systems don’t know how to handle this variance.

Costs go up even higher because specialized billing reports require employing analysts to calculate expenses. These specialists prepare reports that answer your customers’ expense tracking needs. Many invoicing solutions do not include the sophisticated tools needed to meet these needs, and this drives costs up.

You can reduce Costs and increase efficiency by upgrading your invoicing solution to a modern multi-featured solution, that can handle the needs of the modern service provider.

Your invoicing can be an opportunity Invoicing can be an opportunity

Modern invoicing solutions should provide your customers with an analysis of the services they used, their costs, and any additional important information. Your customers need the ability to track and compare their usage, to see trends develop, and to identify problems in their early stages. Most importantly, they need transparency regarding charges, discounts, and extra charges.

The invoices you send to your customers are a part of your corporate communication, just like newsletters, business calls, messages on social media, and your website. It is an opportunity to communicate the benefits of using your services and being your customer. Traditional invoicing services, with old-fashioned design and confusing itemization, is a missed opportunity and can hurt your business. It doesn’t reflect the care you give your customers in other areas of your business.

Your invoicing solution can be an asset for your customers as well. Properly detailed invoicing provides information to your customers regarding the activities and services they use. When properly laid out and itemized, your customers can learn valuable information regarding their operations. When you can properly break down usage by department and user, your customers can use the information you provide to manage their operations better. This added value increases the value of your business in their eyes. Connecting a modern invoicing solution to an online portal allows your customers to view information when they need it, and gives you more opportunities to communicate with your customers and display the value of your business.

Mission Control is the invoicing solution you need

Mission-Control-mockup-in-AppleMission Control is a multi-featured, modular, business management solution. It integrates with your current IT systems, so you don’t need to replace anything you like. Mission Control includes a modern invoicing solution that provides the most advanced features that allow you to transform your invoicing into effective communication tools and can handle your current business practices.

Mission Control builds and designs your invoice from the ground up, and it can use your GUI as a reference. You can choose what to display from your billing system, giving you complete control over the content.

It allows you to combine the costs and billing of different services, split costs between users, and offer billing features for individual users. It is flexible enough to handle any business model.

With the Mission Control invoice, you can offer combined usage trends, detailed information about each user in your customers’ business, and combine pre-paid and post-paid services. With this rich and detail information, your invoice becomes a useful report.

Mission Control is a comprehensive tool that provides a future-focused invoicing solution. With Mission Control, you can delight your customers, provide additional functionality, streamline your backend processes, and cut costs, all without changing your existing IT systems.

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