Choosing your new Business Software. What could go wrong?

Mike thinks he can build his software in-house

Are you like Mike?

Building the “perfect” solution is much harder than wishing it
Application and platform development is a highly specialized field of work. It required enormous upfront investments, and the process can take months and even years before you see any real results. Developing a new solution from scratch might appeal because you get to design what you think you want, but it would be years before you get your return on investment. Meanwhile, the market keeps changing, and your needs with it.

Perfect is the enemy of the good
While you’re investing so much money and resources in chasing your “perfect” solution, your marketplace evolves, your clients hate waiting, and your competition is forcing you to respond. You’ll need even more resources just to keep the solution that still isn’t read up to date.

Unless software development is your core business, this approach is probably not for you.

Amanda likes the security of business standard solutions

Are you like Amanda?

You want a partner you can trust

Traditional big companies aren’t better for your when it comes to choosing a software solution. The bigger the company, the larger the bill, usually requiring specialized training and even hiring the “specialists” they want for their solution. This solution is never tailored for your needs, your niche; you have to start adapting to them.


Are costlier standard solutions less risky?

Choosing your next business software solution is a serious task, and there are many risks and challenges to consider. The right solution for you is finding a partner that adapts to you. A partner that perfectly understands your business and can mitigate those risks. Wasting money on a big, costly solution that isn’t tailored to your business is riskier in the long run.

Be more like David!

Is BD Innovations the perfect partner?
We feel we come pretty close to perfect. Our Mission Control solution is designed to scale with your business, integrate with the software you already use, and support your needs and designs when launching new products and services. Thanks to our modular approach and our pay-as-you-grow pricing model, you pay only for what you need, in a model that fits your size.


We built our solution with you in mind.
The advantages you get from Mission Control are the fruit of meticulous design and hard work; we created the best BSS solution we could by taking the most advanced software technologies and applying them to our market place. We’d love to show you what it means when your software provider is on your team.

What's happening in your field right now?

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